Blood Glucose Monitors

All about Diabetes


What exactly is diabetes?


For the uninitiated, Diabetes is a form of illness wherein the presence of sugar in the person's blood (blood glucose) are relatively higher than what is deemed as typical or normal. Such a situation happens when the glucose is unable to get inside the cells, subsequently causing them to starve for sustenance. This then causes the rise of sugar present in the blood because the pancreas is unable to sufficiently give insulin that can counteract this raised sugar presence in the blood of the sufferer - this is thereby referred to as insulin resistance.


For persons who suffer from this type of sickness must be able to constantly monitor the sugar levels in their blood with the use of a reliable diabetes blood test. This is because, if left untreated or not properly managed, can cause serious health and wellbeing complications such as coronary illness, blindness, failing kidneys, and as well as gangrene in simple wounds all because the injuries refused to heal, among others. Therefore it is critical for patients suffering from this type of silent killer, or who had previously had it but got cured, to constantly monitor the sugar levels in their blood with the appropriate tools to perform blood sugar tests. Likewise, if the patient can tie up with a doctor or physician adept in treating this form of sickness, and can intently screen and check the patient's cholesterol levels, then that would be a good option too.


Sometimes, there are cases too wherein, the person is not suffering anything or has relatively very few manifestations of having diabetes at all, and only found out about it during a routine checkup or a general consultation for some other types of illness. This is the reason why diabetes is also called a "silent killer" compared to other types of ailments that show several symptoms and manifestations of the said ailment.


Still, one of the most widely recognized physical indication of suffering from diabetes is the constant feeling of being extremely parched and always thirsty. Yet on the downside, other symptoms manifest itself too such as weight loss constant feelings of tiredness, as well as the need to frequently urinate, are the telltale signs - which are usually felt during the evenings. Although oftentimes, these indicators are so mild so they are entirely missed out or often disregarded until it is too late, or was discovered after a general checkup. So the easiest way to know whether the person is diabetic or not would be to undergo a blood glucose test, which is also a must for total peace of mind.